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Worst birthday ever +_+

Stupid Chinese mainlanders!
They are bunch of douchbags!
Their behavior are so disgusting and horrible!!
I went to HK Ocean Park today for celebrating my birthday then the weather turn bad so I decided to go home but there were a lots of Chinese mainlander visitors, we were line up to take the train until they started to pushing people with their childrens!
I started to shout at them but my Mandarins sucks! One of them tried to pull me down but I know it was a freaking old hag!
I was like “you bitch!” and try to push her down aswell but those people kept pushing others!
What the hell?! Why pushing while there is only one train on service?! And they lied that they are born gentle and polite? Eff that bullshit!
I already trying to tell them that the train will ‘NOT’stop serving, the train will DEFINITELY bring you back down the mountain! Yes the weather was bad but you asshole should’nt used childrens as your shield!
God what happen to these people lately?
Only a FEWS of them were so nice to tell their behavior were disrespectful.
But I think they are sooo disgusting for being called human, I also think their brains are made by worms!
There still a lot of unhappy things happen but I don’t want to remember it again, there are only two words to described them and that was ‘Asshole’ and ‘Bitch’
Sigh- (-_-;)

Things came out from my mind

-I love nature
-I love space
-I love animals
-I love peace
-I love life
-I love earth
-I love sharing
-I love Love
-I love simples
-I love coulors
-I love drawing
-I love kindness.
-I love technologies
-I love antics
-I love unique
-I love manga
-I love my friends and my families
-I love everythings around me

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