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Leaving HK for two weeks

I’m going to Phillipines for two weeks…to work!
God knows that I hate travelling especially planes!!(but I do enjoy watching the fluffy clouds though)
I’m going to miss my computer and drawing pad…they are my babies!! Too bad I can’t bring them(=3=)

The problem is I don’t know what to bring…@sigh@

What the hell just happened?

I can’t believe my friend just propose his love to me!!
I’ve met him a year ago, and we’re just merely friends…
I haven’t seen him for half year , then few days ago we met again, we’ve been talking how life’s going and joking around…
Then yesterday night, I just finished my work and ready to go home, then he came and asked me out…I was like ‘dude! your jokes is not funny’…
He hold my hand and asked me again( he was so loud that everyone heard, they cheered=_=;)
I don’t know anymore~~~~I told him to give me some time…

(I never dated before, I don’t know how to handle this….I do like him as a brother but as a lover…no)

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